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Great way to gain extra SP. I have a few Questions:
1. How difficult is this? Can you do it solo, or do you need a full party?
You need Party or good d8 set. But 1 Chest which can drop all except Elder Staff and Spell Paper is able to do solo with low equipment.
Elder Staff and Spell Paper is only dropped by last boss.
2. What's the difference in the difficulty level? Do they drop different things?
Togui is only avaible from Lv 61-70 (71 or higher cant enter).
The other 2 difficult levels are a other dungeon and a other quest (which is much more difficult).
3. It's a 1 time 500k SP quest, or repeatable?
1 time each character.
4. Can you get all the talisman from the easy version lvl 61-70?
Yes. All Talismans are tradeable except Western Scriptur and Red Tears (Slot 1 and Slot 2 in the collection book). You can do solo runs until you get them in box 1 and buy the other talismans later.
5. Do all talisman have an equal drop rate?
Hard to say. I think all except Elder Staff and Spell Paper are equal.